Toni Bunnell is a singer songwriter who has performed at folk venues throughout the UK and Germany, and recorded seven albums. The latest CD, Last Port of Call, will be launched in The Basement at this event.

The songs cover topics ranging from legends of old England, as well as social injustice, the environment, climate change and animal welfare. The guitar, bouzouki, Appalachian dulcimer and hurdy gurdy are used to accompany the songs.

Toni has appeared many times on local and national television and radio, when her songs and music were broadcast.

While living in Heidelberg, Germany, she presented the first of her audiovisual shows, All Over England, consisting of her own songs and illustrated with a backdrop of images.

When booked to play at the Harlekinade, a folk festival in Ludwigshafen, Germany, she was voted the best performer in the duo/solo section.

She performs regularly at the Black Swan Folk Club, York, and other venues throughout the north.

Where I Come From **** John Crosby  R2  

The original songs included on Where I Come From are uniformly good.

Toni’s vocal exuberance, instrumental dexterity and fine wordsmithery lend each a contemporary pulse.


Nothing More to be Said On this album, Toni serves up a very strong collection of her own songs. THE FOLK MAG 

Toni is an accomplished songwriter and a talented musician, with many strings to her bow. This is a fine album. SOUTH FOLK MUSIC NETWORK

Toni Bunnell not only sings well but also writes her own material, drawing inspiration from her own experiences. There is a quality of warmth and humanity linked at times with irony and sadness which most of us will have felt at some time in our lives. The overall effect is to give her songs a true to life reality, which is easy to relate to. Toni performs all tracks with a quiet confidence and professional style. It makes listening to her music a really worthwhile experience. FOLK WRITE


Toni combines her skills as a songwriter with instrumental work on guitar, fiddle, dulcimer, bouzouki and hurdy gurdy. TRADITIONAL MUSIC MAKER  


Special People

Toni’s accomplished playing and strong attractive voice, coupled with fine material, makes for a very enjoyable album.   RnR   Dai Jeffries


Last Port of Call

Toni Bunnell's new album 'Last Port of Call' is very good. She knows how to turn a lyric. With her unique, strong and melodic vocal style she deals with subject matters that matter a lot to her, and should to us too. Her songs delve into important events in social history. They reflect upon modern-day burning issues. They tug at our conscience and our need to care for each other in oppressive times. We need such albums to keep us sane. All this is supported by very accomplished acoustic accompaniment on a variety of stringed instruments. I thoroughly recommend this album. Every track! Well done Toni.

TONY HAYNES Radio broadcaster and presenter of: FAB, NEW4U & Midnight Mayhem