Aesthetica Short Film Festival

Morning Coffee & Panel Discussions

Join us for an intimate Q&A session with this year’s Official Selection filmmakers as they discuss industry relevant topics such as Funding Your Film, Documentary Filmmaking, Bringing a Script to the Screen and Establishing a Directorial Style.


These events will run at City Screen Basement with visiting delegates and film aficionados offering up their industry knowledge. These panel discussions are an ideal way to kick off your day of festival events – networking over a relaxed cup of coffee.

From Script to Screen: Developing a Must-See Story

Wednesday 7 November, 11:00-12:00


Filmmakers from the Official Selection discuss individual approaches to production, from drafting ideas and developing compelling screenplays, to realising a vision for the big screen. Drawing on their own experiences, panelists cover the creative process from script to screen, exploring what it takes to deliver a must-see story, highlighting the rewarding nature of film production.

Documentary Filmmaking: Finding the Right Angle

Thursday 8 November 11:00-12:00


Documentary covers some of the most fascinating and touching cinematic works. However, finding a captivating theme can be difficult. In this session, visiting documentarians speak about their approach to factual filmmaking, covering the method of finding a subject and practical techniques for capturing an unrehearsed, exciting and unheard story on the fly.

Directing: Establishing a Unique Style
Friday 9 November, 11:00-12:00

A unique directorial style is imperative to so many iconic films and the current landscape is no exception. A panel of ASFF’s Official Selection break down their own methods of direction and discuss the importance of developing an individual style, drawing on their influences and inspirations for creating visually exceptional and skilfully crafted films.

Funding: How to Get a Project Noticed
Saturday 10 November 11:00-12:00

Financing a film at any level is hard and perseverance is key. However, pitching a project as an investment is vital, whether on a funding application or when approaching private sources. Filmmakers from ASFF’s Official Selection give an overview of film financing, analysing effective methods of funding, budgeting and presenting project.

The Digital Age: Filmmaking on a Budget

Sunday 11 November 11:00-12:00

Filmmaking is an expensive business and finding your feet in the industry can be tricky. Fortunately, in today’s digital age, affordable equipment means that more and more creators are taking a DIY approach to realising their ideas. This panel discussion looks at low-budget filmmaking, commenting on experiences of turning projects into reality.