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Sunday 27 April, 8.00 - 11.00 (door times)

Please Please You Presents Liz Green (band) + Woodpigeon (solo) + Alisia Casper

Two years since she recorded her debut album 'O Devotion' at Toerag Records, seven years since she won the Emerging Talent Award at Glastonbury Festival and most crucially, two years since she last came to York to play for us, Liz is back, with a new album due on April 14th.

The first offering is a quite stunning double a-side single. Liz's trademark jazzy pre-war cabaret sound shines on 'Where The River Don't Flow' (, brilliantly performed with a jaunty piano, some swinging percussion and the occasional toot of a lonesome clarinet. 'Rybka' ( is even better, the late night smokey jazz club vibe is glorious and perfectly realised. The song, like many of Liz's, has a slightly morose air, aided once more by that clarinet, trumpet and picked acoustic guitar.

The band seem completely assured on both songs. This is a group of musicians hitting the bullseye, doing exactly what they set out to do. As huge fans, we're excited.

Liz is touring with a full band for the first time in many years and it's our pleasure to have her back.

Press for 'O Devotion':

These smoky, jazzy numbers have the alluring feel of Twenties Berlin cabaret, as Green’s haunting voice wraps itself with a wistful sadness around heavy trumpets and tubas.
The Telegraph – 4/5

The crashing of distant cymbals and the honking of muffled trombones provide the backdrop for the debut album from 28-year-old Scouser Liz Green, who sings Brechtian waltzes and squeaky-fingered blues songs of intrigue and mystery, inspired by everything from Primo Levi to Harold & Maude.
The Independent – 4/5

Age Restrictions: 16+

Tickets: £7adv/£9otd

Please Please You Presents Liz Green (band) + Woodpigeon (solo) + Alisia Casper